Professional Learning

The Aims

The aim of the Teaching School is to:

Provide flexible, targeted and effective Professional Learning Programmes (PLPs) that meet the strategic priorities of the Trust and its members at other schools.

Enable teaching staff to tailor their Professional Learning Programmes to meet their Performance Management and career objectives.

Ensure the SET and partner schools are developing their staff by enabling them to follow an appropriate Professional Learning Programme.  This will include an opportunity to complete an action research project (literature review; research methodology; findings; analysis of findings; conclusion and best practice implementation), after which they will be awarded a leadership qualification by the Teaching School.

As such, the SET PLPs delivered by the Sapientia Teaching School during 2018 – 2020 comprise:

Pick ‘n’ Mix: staff from each school select, in conjunction with their Headteacher, standalone sessions that meet both their individual and school objectives. In SET schools, it is the responsibility of the staff member and their line manager to record their attendance at the course on their PL record held at the school.

Pathways: individual staff members have the opportunity to attend a course designed over two years that will prepare them for their next stage of their career. The Pathways offer 18 hours of modules, a 20 hour allocation of an action research project including a day at another school, three-hours of mentoring support, and a guided visit to a non-SET school. The total allocation is thus 68 taught or guided sessions. Most ‘Pathways’ are open to Schools outside the SET.


SET Teaching School Professional Learning Guidance

All Professional Learning is held in central locations, and start times allow for adequate travel time between locations. Most sessions are held at SET HQ, Wymondham College, Golf Links Road, Wymondham, NR18 9SZ, and the majority will last for 90 minutes. Both Pathways and Pick ‘n’ Mix are to be booked in advance using the form(s) provided; Pick ‘n’ Mix sessions should be booked at least one month in advance.

Sessions will aim to:

  • be active and/or workshop-based
  • contain real examples of best practice from within our schools
  • involve networking opportunities
  • use SET PowerPoint templates, provided as printed handouts
  • incorporate key readings signposted before or after the sessions
  • include evaluations linked to clear objectives



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