Professional Learning

The Aims

The aim of the Teaching School is to:

Provide flexible, targeted and effective Professional Learning Programmes (PLPs) that meet the strategic priorities of the Trust and its members at other schools.

Enable teaching staff to tailor their Professional Learning Programmes to meet their Performance Management and career objectives.

Ensure the SET and partner schools are developing their staff by enabling them to follow an appropriate Professional Learning Programme.  

Over the last two years, we have welcomed over fifty staff from non-Sapientia schools at our training sessions and that number looks set to grow.

The full programme can be downloaded at the foot of this page. This year is rather different to how courses have been conceived and delivered in the past.  Due to social distancing and our focus on extending colleagues’ expertise as widely as possible, provision  will all be on line in the first instance.  Most courses start after the October half term, so that colleagues are better placed to select courses that reflect their Performance Management goals.

By scheduling the majority of provision in the spring term – when we hope that meeting in person will be more likely than in the immediate future – we hope that sessions can move from the computer and back into the training room!

To book your place on one of the courses, please go to Once you’ve signed up to a course, you will receive instructions about where to access your training and of the dates for live training sessions, be they accessed via computer or in one of our training suites.

The following courses are available in the 2020/21 academic year:

1. TA Pathway

2. Introduction to Teaching - A course for NQTs and RQTs

3. New & Aspiring Middle Leaders

4. New & Aspiring Senior Leaders

Whilst signing up to all sessions will be the norm within a Pathway, colleagues who wish to attend just one or two sessions as meets their needs will be welcome to do so.

Best wishes

Jonathan Taylor

CEO-Sapientia Education Trust


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