All of our primary schools are unique.  They share a common vision to deliver a world class education locally for our pupils.   

Our primary schools work closely together to share best practice and to ensure that wide ranging opportunities to learn are provided to all of our pupils, whether they're educated in a small rural primary school or in a much larger urban setting.  Our schools follow a common curriculum framework (the Sapientia Primary Approach) which has been developed by our Headteachers and Trust Central Team.

Our approach to the curriculum always allows schools the freedom to adapt to their local context whilst ensuring high quality provision.  Ofsted have regularly praised the quality of the curriculum across our primary schools, for example at Seething and Mundham Primary School Ofsted noted that 'all subjects are effectively planned.  Subject knowledge is carefully structured so pupils gain knowledge in the right order'.  Whilst at Ghost Hill Infant and Nursery School Ofsted found that 'the school has constructed a highly ambitious curriculum'.  We believe that our framework provides the foundations for pupils to thrive whilst allowing teachers the ability to match the curriculum to individual pupil needs and the wider context of the school in which they work.

Our Central Trust Team works to support the development of our primary schools, this involves creating opportunities for collaboration, best practice visits and targetted professional development.  School staff meet regularly with colleagues from other Sapientia schools, enjoying the oppportunity to share and learn from each other.  Standards in our primary schools are high and rapidly improving.  Our highly ambitious curriculum is supported by high quality training and environments where learning is nurtured and valued.  We promote curiosity and our classrooms are full of enthusiasm.

Our EYFS provision has now been graded as Outstanding in four of our primary schools, ensuring that pupils make a flying start to their education.  Our key stage 2 outcomes have rapidly improved and are above local levels, demonstrating the impact of our work.

Fundamentally though, children are at the heart of what we do.  We aim to inspire, challenge, enthuse and motivate on a daily basis.  We welcome visits to any of our schools from interested parents/carers and other professionals.


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