Our Secondary schools are individual in character with each having their own unique identity united by like-minded attitudes to delivering the highest standards of education to our young people through collaboration and support.

Our secondary schools are across Suffolk and Norfolk and range from one of the smallest in the country to the largest state boarding school in the UK, thus serving young people and their families from small rural villages, cities and overseas with an education that will prepare them for academic or vocational higher education or employment.

Young people are at the heart of all we do and with such a diverse student body our young people have the opportunities to thrive and learn from each other through collaborative events including music, sport and academic peer mentoring. We value our students and have many leadership opportunities across Secondary and Primary phases with a trust student voice, and we continue to evolve and develop opportunities to help our young people grow, aspire and achieve.

At the centre of our work is professional growth which we believe comes from the practice, ideas and expertise of our staff, rooted in professional enquiry and action based research. A range of networks including safeguarding, curriculum, leadership and subject forums as well as whole Trust professional learning days are just some of the ways in which we collaborate across our schools. 

In addition, through our Teaching School, we invest in our staff and complement individual school’s professional training through a trust wide programme ranging from one off sessions focusing on a key theme to two-year programmes for aspiring, developing middle leaders and aspiring Head Teachers as well as professional support and guidance for our Headteachers.

We are proud of the achievements of all of our schools, all of whom have a strong track record of examination success combined with a wide ranging extracurricular programme, ensuring that students are provided with a world class education.


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