SLEs and Education Advisors

SLEs and Education Advisors

Rob Machin has been an SLE for the past 3 years and has specialised in providing direct support to 6 secondary maths departments and indirect support to many other non-specialist maths teachers at both secondary and primary level.

His expertise is in the following areas:-

  • Delivering Department Reviews with the HoD and SLT.
  • Improving systems within the department such as curriculum and assessment.
  • Providing mathematical mentors for colleagues who require support.
  • Providing longitudinal CPD for sustained improvement of maths pedagogy and subject knowledge.
  • Supporting recruitment both permanent and temporary.

Rob is currently Head of Maths at Wymondham College and leads the Primary and Secondary Maths TSST course delivered across the Eastern region in partnership with Farlingaye High and Sir Isaac Newton and with the support of The Maths Hub, NCETM and the Department of Education.

Steven Dye was accredited as an SLE with a specialism in Teaching and Learning with Leadership of CPD, in 2016. He has held a range of whole-school responsibilities related to challenging high prior attainers, quality assurance of teaching and learning, teachers’ standards and CPD. He currently leads the History department at Wymondham College and is employed as an Education Advisor for SET.

Becky Arnold has been a part of Wymondham College since 2008.  During this period she has been Head of English and Assistant Principal Achievement and Progress prior to taking on the role of Deputy Headteacher in 2018.  Becky has been part of a range of local and national programmes including working as a Specialist Leader in Education (focus on English and Pupil Premium), winner of the TES Shine Award and training as a Performance Learning ambassador.  In 2018 she was honoured to be awarded the status of Founding Fellow by the Chartered College of Teaching in recognition for her contribution to the teaching profession. 

Suzanne Hockley joined Wymondham College as a member of the Maths department in January 2012. Suzanne has been teaching Maths and Further Maths in Norfolk High Schools for over 17 years, specialising in A level. Throughout that time, she has held various posts including Head of Year and Assistant Head of Maths, has taught at the UEA and has been awarded Specialist Leader of Education status in Mathematics and Behaviour. Originally from Essex, she went to University in Norwich and still lives there.

Kay Lowden worked in the IT industry before training to teach, the desire to move out of management and into a role where she could work with directly with pupils was the perfect choice for her.  Her passion is Teaching and Learning, she constantly looks for new and innovative ways that we can help support our pupils.  Time doesn’t stand still and as teachers we need to continually move with it.  She is self-reflective and always on the lookout for better ways! She is passionate about sharing ideas and supporting others through example. Kay says she has a great desire to help pupils to learn for themselves; encouraging them be Independent Learners but also to foster a love and understanding of Maths so pupils feel confident and proud.  Kay’s current role as a Teacher of Maths with responsibility for Teaching and Learning in Years 7 to 9 gives her the opportunity to practise the above skills every day.

Kim Constable has been a teacher for over 10 years across multiple subjects in the Secondary curriculum. Prior to getting her current position teaching sociology and PSHE she completed her teacher training in PSHE and Citizenship Education in London where she continued to work for four years, then headed to work in a British school in Europe for 2 years. She shares PSHE units of work and cross-curricular resources and ideas on her website in the aim to encourage more active and innovative teaching and has spoken at a number of national and international conferences on PSHE, RSE and Teacher wellbeing. A recent workshop she has run focused on exam technique and how to answer the A Level style questions, as well as looking at general study and revision techniques using the spaced study system she have been developing.

Amanda Cockburn is currently Head of School at Old Buckenham Primary School and Nursery. Amanda is a SLE for EYFS and a county moderator.

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