Section 10 Consultation

Dear Parents/Carers/Community Members

In accordance with Section 10 of the Academies Act of 2010, which requires us to consult with interested parties in the location of the school, I would ask that you explore the links below where you will find much more information about the building and our vision for the school.  I would be very grateful if you could complete the online questionnaire below.

One part of the questionnaire asks "Do you agree that Wymondham College Prep School  should open in September 2020 which would involve entering into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education?" an example of the type of funding agreement that would be put in place can be found by following this link;

Wymondham College Prep School can only open if the Secretary of State enters into a Funding Agreement with the Trust.  At the present time we are working towards ensuring that everything is in place to allow that to happen well in advance of National Offer Day for primary school places.

Once our Funding agreement is signed we will inform all interested parties via this website.

Thank you very much for your anticipated support.

Yours faithfully  

Jonathan Taylor MA Oxon

Please click here to complete our Section 10 Questionnaire. 

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