Planning Update

Dear Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to be able to tell you that today, we have been granted planning permission for the Prep School.  This means that our Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State will be signed in the next few days which will enable us to offer places at the Prep School for September in line with all other schools. 

We are delighted to be able to tell you that we are oversubscribed for our places which means that we will be full in September.  Our new school building will be completed for September 2021 and work will start on site in the summer term.  In the meantime, we have agreed with the DfE works which need to be completed on our temporary accommodation to make it into our home for our first year of operation.  We hope that this work will be completed by Spring Half term which means that we will be able to invite you in to see our classrooms etc.  We are in the process of recruiting our Reception class teachers and we hope that you will be able to meet them very soon too.

Those of you who have made an application to us for this year’s Reception intake are no doubt now asking how the ballot is going to work given that we are oversubscribed; we are working with Norfolk County Council and will be able to give you the dates and details very soon.

We hope to hold another meeting shortly after the Half Term break for everyone who has applied to us for a place. We also would like to hold our first meeting of those of you who have said you would be happy to work with us on our consultation group.  Details will follow after Half Term.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited we all are here! We are grateful to you for your patience and support and look forward to meeting you again very soon.

Best wishes,

Julie Taylor – Project Lead

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